In recent times, the authenticity of follower counts on social media has been very publicly debunked.

The jig is up, and the average person is now aware that many of the influential people who have bagged themselves glittering careers hawking goods on the ‘gram aren’t playing a fair game.

By buying followers, using bots, and otherwise gaming the system, people have been faking their influence in order to seem more attractive to brands and real followers alike.

But what about the brands themselves? Is everything as it seems? We thought we’d take a look at some of the world’s most popular brands on social media to find out.

  • KEY

  • Rank

  • Category

  • Brand

  • Number of Instagram Followers

  • Estimated Fake Instagram Followers (%)

  • Number of Twitter Followers

  • Estimated Fake Twitter Followers (%)

  • Total Follower Count

  • Total Fake Followers

  • Total Fake Followers (%)

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We took a list of the most followed brands across beauty, cars, fashion, food, and sports.

We then used SparkToro’s Fake Follower tool and to get the percentage of their followers that are fake on Twitter and Instagram.

We then added up the total number of followers, the total number of fake followers, and the overall percentage of fake followers across both channels in order to give us an overall ranking of which brands have the most fake followers overall.

All percentages were rounded to the nearest integer.

All follower counts correct as of 11 September 2019.