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The Names That Are Most Likely To Be Social Media Influencers!

In 2019 it was reported that 1 in 5 UK children want to be an influencer when they grow up, but could their name make them more likely to make it as a social media star?

By analysing over 1200 of the world’s biggest influencers across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, in a variety of sectors, from gaming to beauty, we have been able to reveal the most common names amongst the most successful social media stars.

Social media influencers will often sign sponsorship deals with big name brands to help their accounts get a boost in engagement, but also the deals can be incredibly lucrative. If you want your child to make it big in the world of socials, perhaps naming them one of the below could give them an industry advantage.


The Female Baby Names Set For Social Media Stardom

Looking at female influencers, our list comprised 799 social media influencers from the worlds of beauty, fitness, gaming, travel, food and fashion, merging all versions of the names to give us our totals. For example, in counting influential Jessica’s, we also included the names Jesi, Jessamyn and Jessie.

Some of the most loved stars hold the most popular names, such as Lauren Curtis, a beauty influencer who covers all things beauty on her YouTube channel, Hannah Eden, a fitness professional with her own app, podcast, ebooks and apparel line and ex Love Island contestant Alexandra Cane who has transformed her life through fitness.


The Male Baby Names Set For Social Media Stardom

When we looked at male influencers, we compiled a list of 469 social media stars from the worlds of gaming, beauty, fitness, travel, food and fashion. As with the female list, we then merged derivatives and iterations of those names to give a total number.

The top names are held by some of the largest English and Irish online gamers, such as the hot-tempered Irishman David Nagle, who goes by Daithi De Nogla online, and fitness influencers on YouTube, such as Bradley Martyn and the former English rugby union player James Haskell.



We used various lists of influencers, including those from Hopper, Hubspot and Cosmopolitan, broken down into specific genres of influencers from the gaming, beauty, fitness, travel, food and fashion industries. All together 1268 influencers were analysed from all over the world and compiled together, then separated into male and female gender groups. Those influencers that publicly identify as non-binary were excluded from the data set due to the lack of substantial data for this group.

The totals of each name were counted before merging derivatives and iterations of the same name. This meant that we counted names such as Jesi, Jessamyn and Jessie under the umbrella of the name Jessica.

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