Welcome to Paff Evara, our new Head of Agency

Welcome to our new Head of Agency, Paff Evara. A letter from our departing Head of Agency, Daniella Karaoglan.

When I took over the running of Pilot Fish Media in 2020, we were facing a tough year ahead. Mid-pandemic, with a future full of uncertainty, it was, without a doubt, the toughest situation we had ever found ourselves in as an agency. There was a fine line between protecting our business and helping long-standing clients through an incredibly difficult time. 

My one focus for the year ahead was to get us, and our clients, to the other side of the pandemic safely. In the interest of complete transparency, I was scared that the waves of the pandemic were going to sink us, no matter how hard we tried to float – but we wanted to at least give it our best shot.

We’ve come a long way since then. With help from a brilliant team, we faced a difficult future head on and implemented streamlined practices internally with a specific focus on employee wellbeing. This allowed us more space for creativity and fostered our amazing team’s range of skills. In the last year, we have doubled our team, employing the most brilliant young minds in Scotland to help us on this journey (during a pandemic nevertheless!). The team’s never-ending hard work and fully transparent client relations (as well as quirky and groundbreaking ideas) has seen us acquire many new clients. Most importantly, it has allowed us to help many smaller local businesses through and out of lockdown after lockdown.

Along the way, we’ve onboarded 5 new team members via Zoom. We’ve had work drinks online and have had hard conversations, not face to face, but via a Skype call. It’s not been an easy year for anyone, but ultimately, we’ve helped people. Small business owners, long standing partners, our fellow teammates and Pilot Fish Media as a whole – and for that, I could not be prouder of the team and more grateful to our loyal and happy clients.

But (and we always knew a but was coming), the pandemic was not only hard on us professionally. In fact, I don’t know a single person who hasn’t to some extent reevaluated the way they live their lives due to the pandemic. For me, the pandemic quite literally hit quite close to home. During my 6 years in Scotland, I had always thought, “well, I’m only a plane ride away from Denmark”, where most of my family live. Suddenly, with most planes cancelled, that wasn’t quite the case anymore. Throughout the pandemic, while working with all I had to make us the best agency we could be, I always had a voice in the back of my head saying: “You need to be closer to home.”

When Paff Evara joined our team in early 2021, I felt a sense of relief. Suddenly, I knew that there was someone incredibly passionate and skilled, with outstanding leadership skills and knowledge about both our team and our clients, that would be able to take what I had created at Pilot Fish and run with it. I decided that the ship needed a new captain, and it is with great pleasure that I announce that Paff will be taking over as Pilot Fish Media’s Head of Agency after May 2021.

Paff, who joined us as our Paid Ads Director, has extensive experience in planning, implementing and optimising digital campaigns across the entire purchasing funnel, with a strategic eye like no other I’ve ever seen. As a Digital Marketer of the Year finalist in 2020, I have no doubt in my mind that Paff will (at the expense of my own ego!) take the agency, and our clients, to lengths we could only dream of before.

Paff will run a ship driven by honest and effective strategies, smart data and transparent results, with countless groundbreaking campaigns under their belt already at PFM. They are a lead-by-example leader and incredibly passionate about continuing and improving PFM’s focus on team wellbeing, growth and development – and I for one cannot wait to see where they take the agency from here.

To the brilliant team, thank you to all of you. I couldn’t have done this without your banter, passion and skill. Another big thank you goes to Stephen Gorman, founder of PFM, for trusting in my ability to command the ship. You took a risk, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

For me, it is a goodbye to Scotland, and sadly, Pilot Fish Media for now. I will always remain a friend of the agency, all our clients, and most importantly, the incredible team I have had the pleasure of working with for the last two years.


5 Things I Learned About Content Marketing By Accidentally Going Viral On TikTok

Of all the ways we could describe 2020, weird certainly is up there. With the majority of the world in lockdown for most (if not all) of the year, it’s meant a lot of spare time. Some of us learned how to make banana bread, others started a side hustle. As for me? I accidentally went viral on TikTok.

TikTok, once a platform I considered to be purely for teens doing dances, has grown to be a force in the social media ecosystem for all demographics. In case you’re not across it, TikTok is a short-form video sharing platform app that allows users to create TikToks up to 60 seconds long on virtually any topic. Its key difference? In my opinion, it’s the ability to tap into microcosms of society and culture.


You see, everyone starts out on TikTok with the same ‘For You Page’, which is essentially an explore page filled with all different users’ video content. You’ll be served dances, generic funny and viral videos, and then this is where the personalisation kicks in. Once you start engaging with a certain type of content (such as dogs, for example) the algorithm gets to work, personalising your FYP with similar content and creators.

Pretty soon, your FYP will be unique to your location, demographics and interests as TikTok categorises you into niches that it knows you’ll engage and interact with. As a queer, Australian powerlifter, for me this looked like: LGBTQ+ content, Australian politics, women in fitness… The more I engaged, the niche-r it became. Pretty soon, I started to post content of my own, and within a few weeks, one of my TikToks went viral, amassing over 550K+ views and 100K likes.

Spurred on by its success, I started to post more frequently. Almost a year on, I’ve grown my following to a community of 87K+ strong, with a total of 2.7million likes across all my content. While most of my content is centred around my personal experiences, as a digital marketing expert, I couldn’t help but glean some insights that can be applied to my day job as well. Although TikTok may not be a relevant channel for every brand to utilise, content marketing more broadly should be the cornerstone for any engaging digital strategy.

So, here are the 5 things I learned about content marketing by accidentally going viral on TikTok:

  1. Find Your ‘Why’, Niche Down & Run With It

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. While corny, it’s absolutely true. As a brand (business or personal), it’s crucial to identify your why, otherwise known as your vision, mission or brand story. Why do you do what you do? Drill down on that and then run with it. For me, my why is to empower women and non-binary people (especially POC) to take up more space and live authentically. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Find your why and let your content flow organically from there.

  1. Test, Learn & Test Some More

Once you have your niche, it’s time to test! There are so many different variables to test when it comes to content creation. From the type (video, blog),  length (short and snappy or long-form), tone of voice (humorous, educational) and even stylistic choices (colour, use of music, crop of video). The great thing about content marketing, especially on an app like TikTok with a short shelf life, is that you can churn and burn until you find something that sticks. Start to build your secret sauce with the content that resonates best with your audience.

  1. Tap Into Trends To Boost Reach & Relevancy

Now you know what you’re saying and how to say it, how can you amplify this to reach new audiences? Trends and memes are a staple of internet culture, and while it can be confusing to get your head around some of them, jumping on them while they’re hot can work wonders for increasing relevance. Here’s a great example from one of our own clients, Pickering’s Gin, who jumped onto the ‘Bernie Sanders In Mittens’ meme with the below post:

As you can see, the post got some awesome engagement, with plenty of laugh and love reacts as well as shares. The key is to be quick: there’s nothing more cringey to a millennial or Gen Z audience than trying to revive a meme that is past its heyday. 

  1. Fuel Your Strategy With Insights

Now, you didn’t think I’d get through a blog post without mentioning data, right? While the analytics on TikTok isn’t as informative for creators as say, Google Analytics, they do provide some key insights on followers’ gender, location and (probably most importantly) time most active on the app. Using this, I know that my audience heavily skews to users in the US, followed by Australia and the UK, and that my key posting times should be around 5:00PM, 7:00PM and 11:00PM UTC to ensure all those audiences are awake and likely to engage with my content. On a post-level, I can see things like average watch time and the number of shares. These are crucial indicators of whether or not a TikTok will be successful and pushed out to more viewers! Use the data you have on your platform of choice to drive these decisions around posting time for the best chance of success.

  1. Before Posting, Ask Yourself: Is This Relevant And/Or Shareable?

The best content is something that makes your audience think “oh my god, that’s so me” and then share it with their best friends. As mentioned above, shares and comments are extremely important metrics to all social algorithms and weighted higher than just likes, for example. When I look back at my best-performing TikToks, they’ve been something niche enough but also relevant enough for that specific audience to share around – like one of my best-performing ones below:

Your content needs to be super engaging, funny or informative enough that people want to boost and share it around. Before you post, ask yourself how relevant and shareable your content is. If you’re unsure of the answer, you might be better off going to the drawing board and coming up with another angle. 

So there you have it! The 5 things I’ve learnt about content marketing by accidentally going viral have helped my TikTok take off and grow my personal brand. Although my first viral post was an accident, these tips will help you achieve sustainable growth for your own following and community, making your content strategy absolutely unmissable. 

If you’re keen to chat more about content marketing, TikTok or need a hand with your own digital strategy, reach out to me at paff@pilotfishmedia.com.

Happy TikTok’ing!

Paid Ads Director Needed!

Come join our awesome, award-winning, digital agency based in the heart of Edinburgh (although, as Covid has shown us, remote working is becoming the “norm” so we’re happy to accept applications if you feel you tick all the boxes- you have to be UK based though and willing to travel to Edinburgh at least twice a month once travel restrictions allow)! We are looking for an experienced Paid Ads Director to join our vibrant team, with particular expertise in Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns (Search, Shopping & Display).
About Us
We are a social media and digital marketing agency with a varied client portfolio of quirky and elegant brands, from long-standing family businesses and startups to global companies.
We’re entering the teenage years of Pilot Fish; saying hello to new clients and colleagues more than we ever have before. We’re a small but mighty team, and it’s an exciting time to join the agency.
In Brief
We’re looking for a super ambitious and talented Paid Ads Director (FB and Google Ads, mainly) to join us full-time, to help us plan, execute and optimise our clients’ paid campaigns. Work at Pilot Fish Media is, like most agencies, fast-paced and exciting, and no two weeks will look the same; we work closely together as a team, to come up with exciting, creative and trendsetting new ways of doing digital for our clients; and you’ll be a key player in that.
What would you be doing?
  • Develop and execute well-researched ad campaign strategies to meet client business goals
  • Frequently test audiences, creative assets, ad formats and copy across platforms to optimise campaigns
  • Stay up to date with the latest best practices across platforms
  • Advise the creative team on required ad assets for campaigns
  • Implement full website tracking for each platform as well as within Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager
  • Create monthly reports and recommend next steps for clients through insightful analysis
  • Adhoc training and development of a team of 1 (but likely growing) Paid Ads Executive


Who we’re looking for
  • You’ll require experience in formulating paid media strategies in order to plan and execute high performing ad campaigns for our diverse portfolio of clients
  • Someone with proven ability of implementing and monitoring campaigns that have driven significant ROAS
  • Someone with a strategic head on their shoulders – you know the Paid Ads tools inside and out but also can think big-picture in terms of wider digital strategy
  • Someone with preferably 3+ years of experience in paid media (Facebook Ads Manager & Google Ads a priority) – but if you’ve proven yourself in less time, just let us know!


What we can offer you
  • A competitive salary based on your experience.
  • Central Edinburgh office.
  • A fantastic team to work with. We work hard but a fun, positive atmosphere is very important to us as well.
  • The opportunity to work on big global brands as well as smaller local companies and start-ups.
  • The opportunity to develop your career and move up the ranks as we continue to grow and expand.
  • Regular team lunches/get togethers (on zoom right now, of course!).


We’re a creative digital agency – so we’re not old school. Be as creative as you want with your application – just make sure you include an overview of your experience somehow, and some paid media results you have previously generated. Please send your application to our Paid Ads Director – paff@pilotfishmedia.com.

We’re Hiring: Junior Account Manager

Having acquired some fantastic new clients for 2021, we are looking for a super-talented, enthusiastic, and positive account manager to join our growing team.

We are a small but growing team with a full client portfolio, so we need someone who is super organised and efficient, passionate about social and digital marketing and keen to keep up to speed with the ever-changing possibilities for marketing in the online space. Attention to detail is essential. We work to tight deadlines, often with very quick turn-around times which means the pressure is on to deliver excellent work under pressure. We need someone with an entrepreneurial can-do attitude, who enjoys a challenge and is keen to grow with us as new clients come on board. There is huge scope for the right candidate to turn this into a very exciting opportunity.

Our ideal candidate:

Has great attention to detail
Has a ‘let’s get it done’ attitude and is eager to impress clients by going the extra mile
Is confident presenting to and liaising with clients when necessary
Is a team-player who can also work independently and use initiative when appropriate
Is super-organised with an ability to multi-task and manage time effectively during our very busy periods
Is very process and structure focused and knows what it takes to ensure that everything runs smoothly from the brief stage right through to the delivery of the work
You will be data and analytics driven primarily but with a good understanding of what makes for great creative
You must have excellent communication and presentation skills and feel comfortable presenting over the phone, Skype/Zoom and in person.

Your role will involve:

Managing the day to day relationships with all our clients – some of these are international and some are Edinburgh based. This involves weekly catch up and planning sessions as well as some quarterly meetings face to face. This may require international travel.
Writing excellent briefs for our creative team which will ensure we delivery best work possible.
Ensuring all our campaigns are delivered on time and to budget.
Bringing new opportunities for growth and expansion to the table – for example if you think we could be doing more with an existing client or there is scope to develop the relationship further, we would love to hear about it.
Preparing monthly reports for all our clients and making recommendations based on results from the previous month.
Working on pitches and presentations to new clients to help us grow the business.

What we can offer you

  •   A competitive salary based on your experience.
  •   Central Edinburgh office.
  •   A fantastic team to work with. We work hard but a fun, positive atmosphere is very important to us as well.
  •   The opportunity to work on big global brands as well as smaller local companies and start-ups.
  •   Training, development and mentoring and the opportunity to develop your career and move up the ranks as we continue to grow and expand.
  •   Regular team lunches/get togethers (on zoom right now, of course!).


We’re a creative digital agency – so we’re not old school. Be as creative as you want with your application – just make sure you include an overview of your experience somehow, and tell us what excites you about Digital Marketing. Applications will be open till the 9th of April 2021.

Please send your application to our Head of Agency – daniella@pilotfishmedia.com.

Reality Returns

Which reality tv shows earn you the biggest bucks, and which reality stars earn the most?

Whether it be about finding love, living together or a good old fashioned talent contest, reality tv shows are a popular staple of British Television and as a result, thousands of people across the country are inspired to follow in the footsteps of their celebrity heroes and take part in a reality show.

But which one should they take part in? We have looked into the finances and social popularity of a plethora of the most renowned reality stars from the past decade to reveal who the most successful are and which shows enabled them to gain that success.

The Reality Shows with the Greatest Returns

The most successful reality shows

Using a formula combining estimated net worth (ENW) and social media earnings to create a scoring system out of ten we discovered that ITV’s The X Factor is the number one show for becoming successful with a huge score of eight. The former contestants analysed average over £28,000 per post on Instagram, and have an ENW of over five million.

When it comes to overall wealth the X Factor comes in a distant second to The Real Housewives of Cheshire, who average a massive ENW of just under £13 million pounds. Although as you will see later this number is significantly boosted by one extremely wealthy individual, The Real Housewives also struggle to be as popular on social media making the second-lowest amount per post of all the shows we studied. This drops their overall score down to 4.3, making them the third-best show.

Love Island ranks highly for social media popularity with an average of £11,220 per Instagram post, and an average of over 2.3 million followers. Combined with an ENW of over £2 million, it ranks as the 4th best show overall with a score of 3.7. Two spots higher in the list we travel up north to the Geordie Shore, cast members of this reality show average £3 million in ENW, as well as boasting just under five million followers and around £7700 per post. Combining this they score five, but it is still trailing the X Factor by some distance.

Is winning the show important?

Of course, the aim of competing is to win, but is winning a social media programme the most probable route to success? In a word, no. There are plenty of examples of contestants who failed to win the reality show going on to greater financial and social success than those who beat them. Molly-Mae Hague is the most successful person from Love Island with an average score of 5.52, this is over two points higher than the highest-ranking winner of the show, Dani Dyer.

The most successful former candidate on The Apprentice is Luisa Zissman who also finished second on the show, she ranks 14 places above the woman she lost to (Leah Totton). Furthermore, she is worth almost three and a half million pounds more and earns over seven times as much per Instagram post.

On the other hand, we have the members of pop band Little Mix who won the X Factor almost a decade ago. The three current (and one former) members make up four of the top 5 in our rankings chart. However, they are an exception to the rule as historically contestants who didn’t win the show went on to greater success. Although it was before the last 10 years of our study, the likes of One Direction, JLS and Olly Murs all found huge success without winning.


The Reality Stars with the Greatest Returns

Whichever show they were a part of, each of these reality tv stars has fared differently in terms of their individual financial success. Using the same calculation that definitively told us the best average show we can reveal that former Little Mix member and X Factor contestant Jesy Nixon is the most successful with an average score of 6.38/10, beating former bandmate Jade Thirwall into second place. The Little Mix quartet would have a stranglehold on the top of the rankings if it wasn’t for Love Island’s Molly-Mae who comes in fourth place.

She is also the reality star who earns the most per Instagram post as she earns an estimated £65,520 every time she hits the ‘share’ button, this places her just ahead of Jesy Nixon with £64,740. Molly-Mae’s partner Tommy Fury is the highest-earning male by this metric as he rakes in £7590, this ranks him 14th on the list behind a top 10 which is exclusively female.

However, in terms of net worth, there is a much more even split at the top of the rankings, with six males and four females. Coming at number one is Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward who is estimated to be worth an astronomical £42 million, this is double what second-placed Spencer Matthews from Made in Chelsea has in the bank. Unlike the other categories, celebrities from these two shows rank highly for net worth which may be more to do with the fact that they are shows about people who are already rich rather than what they have earned as a result of the programme.

Outside of these shows, the highest ENW belongs to Mark Wright of TOWIE with £11 million, before he appeared on the programme he was a struggling footballer which indicates that the show had a much bigger impact on increasing his earnings.



For each person, we calculated an overall score based on the following three factors, giving a normalised score out of ten for each, before taking an overall average score across all three.

Estimated net worth

Sourced from the following:

Instagram followers

The number of followers on Instagram, as of February 24th 2021.

Estimated Instagram earnings per post

Calculated using HypeAuditor’s Instagram Money Calculator, which estimates the amount that an account can charge per post, based on factors such as follower count and engagement.

Figures were converted from US dollars to pound sterling using XE, as of February 24th 2021.

Fast Fashion Complaints

Fast fashion and online deliveries are becoming increasingly popular, especially during lockdowns, as the only way to receive clothing from your favourite brands. Looking at the most complained about brands, we will highlight how important it is to resolve complaints online to protect your brand.

When analysing reviews, Trustpilot scores, and Twitter sentiments, which fast fashion brands are the most complained about and which are the best when it comes to a speedy, reliable order?


The Most Complained About Fashion Brands

Taking all of the factors into account, the worst fast fashion brand for complaints is Zara, with an overall score of 2.51, with 423 weekly Twitter complaints, an average Trustpilot score of 1.5 and 78% bad reviews on Trustpilot.

Dorothy Perkins, is ranked as the second-worst brand, with a 4.20 overall score, with 93 weekly Twitter complaints, 1.6 Trust pilot score and 76% bad reviews.

And H&M is the third-worst fast fashion brand with an overall score of 4.32, 1.7 Trustpilot score, 69% bad reviews and 145 Twitter complaints.


The Least Complained About Fashion Brands

Taking first place is the fast fashion brand Oh Polly, with a Trustpilot score of 4.6, with only 7% bad reviews on Trustpilot and 33 weekly Twitter complaints, for an overall score of 9.85.

Not far behind in second place is I Saw It First, with an overall score of 9.34, with 105 weekly Twitter complaints, a 4.4 Trustpilot score and 7% bad reviews.

Finally, in third place, is Missy Empire with an overall score of 9.15, with a 4.1 Trustpilot score, 7% bad reviews but just only four weekly Twitter complaints!




We ranked each brand on the following three factors: Average Trustpilot Score, % Bad reviews on Trustpilot and Complaints on Twitter. Giving each a normalised score out of ten on each factor, before taking an average overall score across all three factors.

The average review score and percentage of ‘bad’ reviews were both taken from Trustpilot, while for the number of Twitter complaints, we used an official Twitter API to pull the number of average weekly Tweets to each brand which mentioned the following words: wrong size; money back; hasn’t arrived; refund; poor quality; slow; disappointed; multiple DMs; no reply; broken; damaged; late; stained, missing.

Please note we pulled the number of average weekly tweets from the fast fashion brand’s customer service accounts and removed any from the research who didn’t have a dedicated customer service account.