Fast Fashion Complaints

Fast fashion and online deliveries are becoming increasingly popular, especially during lockdowns, as the only way to receive clothing from your favourite brands. Looking at the most complained about brands, we will highlight how important it is to resolve complaints online to protect your brand.

When analysing reviews, Trustpilot scores, and Twitter sentiments, which fast fashion brands are the most complained about and which are the best when it comes to a speedy, reliable order?


The Most Complained About Fashion Brands

Taking all of the factors into account, the worst fast fashion brand for complaints is Zara, with an overall score of 2.51, with 423 weekly Twitter complaints, an average Trustpilot score of 1.5 and 78% bad reviews on Trustpilot.

Dorothy Perkins, is ranked as the second-worst brand, with a 4.20 overall score, with 93 weekly Twitter complaints, 1.6 Trust pilot score and 76% bad reviews.

And H&M is the third-worst fast fashion brand with an overall score of 4.32, 1.7 Trustpilot score, 69% bad reviews and 145 Twitter complaints.


The Least Complained About Fashion Brands

Taking first place is the fast fashion brand Oh Polly, with a Trustpilot score of 4.6, with only 7% bad reviews on Trustpilot and 33 weekly Twitter complaints, for an overall score of 9.85.

Not far behind in second place is I Saw It First, with an overall score of 9.34, with 105 weekly Twitter complaints, a 4.4 Trustpilot score and 7% bad reviews.

Finally, in third place, is Missy Empire with an overall score of 9.15, with a 4.1 Trustpilot score, 7% bad reviews but just only four weekly Twitter complaints!




We ranked each brand on the following three factors: Average Trustpilot Score, % Bad reviews on Trustpilot and Complaints on Twitter. Giving each a normalised score out of ten on each factor, before taking an average overall score across all three factors.

The average review score and percentage of ‘bad’ reviews were both taken from Trustpilot, while for the number of Twitter complaints, we used an official Twitter API to pull the number of average weekly Tweets to each brand which mentioned the following words: wrong size; money back; hasn’t arrived; refund; poor quality; slow; disappointed; multiple DMs; no reply; broken; damaged; late; stained, missing.

Please note we pulled the number of average weekly tweets from the fast fashion brand’s customer service accounts and removed any from the research who didn’t have a dedicated customer service account.

We’re Hiring a Paid Ads Executive!

Come join our awesome, award-winning, digital agency based in the heart of Edinburgh (although, as Covid has shown us, remote working is becoming the “norm” so we’re happy to accept applications if you feel you tick all the boxes- you have to be UK based though and willing to travel to Edinburgh at least twice a month once travel restrictions allow)! We are looking for a Paid Ads Executive to join our vibrant team, with particular expertise in Facebook Ads & Google Ads (Search, Shopping, Display) Campaigns.


About Us

We are a social media and digital marketing agency with a varied client portfolio of quirky and elegant brands, from long-standing family businesses and startups to global companies. 

We’re entering the teenage years of Pilot Fish; saying hello to new clients and colleagues more than we ever have before. We’re a small but mighty team, and it’s an exciting time to join the agency as our Paid Ads team grows.


In Brief

We’re looking for a passionate Paid Ads Executive (FB and Google Ads, mainly) to join us full-time, to help us plan, execute and optimise our clients’ paid campaigns. Work at Pilot Fish Media is, like most agencies, fast-paced and exciting, and no two weeks will look the same; we work closely together as a team, to come up with exciting, creative and innovative new ways of doing digital for our clients; and you’ll be a key player in that.


What would you be doing?

  •         Planning, execution and day-to-day management of Paid Advertising campaigns
  •         Ensuring campaigns are meeting (and exceeding) the client’s goals and are aligned with their objectives
  •         Frequently test audiences, creative assets, ad formats and copy across platforms to optimise campaigns
  •         Working closely with the Paid Advertising Director to create bespoke digital strategies
  •         Analyse performance of campaigns, assist with monthly reporting and recommended next steps
  •         Stay up to date with the latest best practices across platforms 


What the right candidate will have:

    • Curious and innovative – you are passionate about seeing what work’s, what doesn’t and always coming up with a next step
    • Performance-driven – you’re not satisfied with mediocre and are motivated by driving the best results for your clients
    • Initiative – you take full ownership of your clients, working autonomously as well as collaborating with the wider team to drive outcomes.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • A sound understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem and digital strategy more broadly
    • 1+ years of experience in Paid Advertising in a similar, fast-paced role. Ideally, you’re quite familiar with the tools, but we’re willing to train and develop the right person!
  • Candidates with agency experience and generated proven results across both Lead Generation and eCommerce brands will be favourably considered.


What we can offer you

  •   A competitive salary based on your experience.
  •   Central Edinburgh office.
  •   A fantastic team to work with. We work hard but a fun, positive atmosphere is very important to us as well.
  •   The opportunity to work on big global brands as well as smaller local companies and start-ups.
  •   Training, development and mentoring and the opportunity to develop your career and move up the ranks as we continue to grow and expand.
  •   Regular team lunches/get togethers (on zoom right now, of course!).



We’re a creative digital agency – so we’re not old school. Be as creative as you want with your application – just make sure you include an overview of your experience somehow, and tell us what excites you about Paid Advertising. Applications will be open till the 5th of March 2021.

Please send your application to our Head of Agency – [email protected]


Influential Titles

The Names That Are Most Likely To Be Social Media Influencers!

In 2019 it was reported that 1 in 5 UK children want to be an influencer when they grow up, but could their name make them more likely to make it as a social media star?

By analysing over 1200 of the world’s biggest influencers across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, in a variety of sectors, from gaming to beauty, we have been able to reveal the most common names amongst the most successful social media stars.

Social media influencers will often sign sponsorship deals with big name brands to help their accounts get a boost in engagement, but also the deals can be incredibly lucrative. If you want your child to make it big in the world of socials, perhaps naming them one of the below could give them an industry advantage.


The Female Baby Names Set For Social Media Stardom

Looking at female influencers, our list comprised 799 social media influencers from the worlds of beauty, fitness, gaming, travel, food and fashion, merging all versions of the names to give us our totals. For example, in counting influential Jessica’s, we also included the names Jesi, Jessamyn and Jessie.

Some of the most loved stars hold the most popular names, such as Lauren Curtis, a beauty influencer who covers all things beauty on her YouTube channel, Hannah Eden, a fitness professional with her own app, podcast, ebooks and apparel line and ex Love Island contestant Alexandra Cane who has transformed her life through fitness.


The Male Baby Names Set For Social Media Stardom

When we looked at male influencers, we compiled a list of 469 social media stars from the worlds of gaming, beauty, fitness, travel, food and fashion. As with the female list, we then merged derivatives and iterations of those names to give a total number.

The top names are held by some of the largest English and Irish online gamers, such as the hot-tempered Irishman David Nagle, who goes by Daithi De Nogla online, and fitness influencers on YouTube, such as Bradley Martyn and the former English rugby union player James Haskell.



We used various lists of influencers, including those from Hopper, Hubspot and Cosmopolitan, broken down into specific genres of influencers from the gaming, beauty, fitness, travel, food and fashion industries. All together 1268 influencers were analysed from all over the world and compiled together, then separated into male and female gender groups. Those influencers that publicly identify as non-binary were excluded from the data set due to the lack of substantial data for this group.

The totals of each name were counted before merging derivatives and iterations of the same name. This meant that we counted names such as Jesi, Jessamyn and Jessie under the umbrella of the name Jessica.

We’re Hiring: Digital Designer!

Are you an Adobe wizard and a keen Digital Designer looking for some new challenges? At Pilot Fish Media, we’re looking for a Digital Designer to join our talented Edinburgh-based team.


About Us

We are a social media and digital marketing agency with a varied client portfolio of quirky and elegant brands, from long-standing family businesses and startups to global companies.

We’re entering the teenage years of Pilot Fish; saying hello to new clients and colleagues more than we ever have before. We’re a small but mighty team, and it’s an exciting time to join the agency.


In Brief

We’re looking for a super ambitious and talented full time designer to join our expanding creative team and help us support our clients through beautiful creative (illustrations, stills, videos and everything in between), initially at a 6 month term. Work at Pilot Fish Media is, like most agencies, fast paced and exciting, and no one week will look the same; we work closely together as team, to come up with exciting, creative and trend-setting new ways of doing digital for our clients; and you’ll be a key player in that.


What would you be doing?

  • Ideally, having a good time while providing some great work.
  • Be in charge of the creation of visual aspects for assigned clients’ content calendar; this will include full ownership over the creative aspect, both imagery/video and sometimes maybe even copy (it’s a plus if you have a writer somewhere in you!)
  • Brainstorming with the rest of us – to make sure we all keep our work fresh, beyond ‘client boundaries’.
  • Working on ad sets and imagery for delivery towards specific KPIs
  • Campaign ideation; we provide our clients with exciting new ideas which, combined with digital targeting expertise, help them reach new heights with their digital.

Working closely with your account manager and other creatives on a regular basis.


What type of team-mate are we looking for?

  • You love everything to do with design, especially creating engaging digital content
  • You have a very good understanding of designing for web
  • You have a real eye for detail and layout alongside strong art direction abilities
  • You’re a whizz at Adobe Suite – this is key
  • You love presenting your work and are passionate while doing it
  • You work quickly and can handle the pressure and hectic pace of our delivery schedule
  • Ideally, you’ll have worked in an agency for the last 2+ years (but if you’re the right fit, this isn’t essential!)
  • You are a team player and relish the challenge of an all-hands on deck approach
  • You like to push yourself and be pushed out of your comfort zone
  • You have an opinion and are not scared to make suggestions or take constructive criticism

Experience in display advertising, motion graphics and social media would also be very handy.


What we can offer you

A competitive salary based on your experience.

Central Edinburgh office.

A fantastic team to work with. We work hard but a fun, positive atmosphere is very important to us as well.

The opportunity to work on big global brands as well as smaller local companies and start-ups.

The opportunity to develop your career and move up the ranks as we grow and expand.

Regular team lunches/get togethers. (Once restrictions allow)



We’re not asking you to have 20 years (or even 2 years) of experience. However, we do wanna see some of your work. So instead of writing out a long cover letter, show us what you have done or what you can do – be as creative as possible. Whether that’s a video application, a cool graphic or a fake content calendar (or something we haven’t even thought about), send it to us on [email protected] along with your CV.

Ps; we’re a small super collaborative team, so at the moment, we are limiting our search to individuals who are based in or can commute to Edinburgh (once our office opens back up, anyway!)

Applications will be open till the 3rd of February, after which we will review all applications and get back to you in due time.

How to switch off from social media when you’re online 24/7

Now that so many of us are spending the majority of our time at home, we’re all relying on social media to stay in touch with the world, and this is resulting in us getting a bit too much screen time. 

Linked to increase risk of anxiety, depression and a feeling of loneliness, our Head of Agency Daniella, reveals her top tips to switch off from social media and stop us ‘doomscrolling’:

  • Gradually start to limit how much time you spend on social media each day

“The key to breaking a bad habit is making sure you create a gradual transition. Going cold turkey and jumping from spending hours on Twitter and Instagram to nothing probably won’t work in the long run. Instead, make a conscious decision to reduce your social media consumption by 30 minutes each day until you reach a comfortable amount of time online.” 

  • Physically remove your phone from your presence

“It may sound simple, but out of sight, out of mind is a real thing. We’re so used to having our devices as an extension of us and in arm’s reach that by simply removing our phone prevents us from mindlessly checking our socials. Try putting your phone in another room when you’re watching a film or when cooking and eating a meal and dedicate yourself to just one activity at a time. Most importantly make sure your phone is away an hour before bed – you may need to put it in another room or in a drawer to avoid temptation.”

  • Schedule in more meaningful interactions 

“While you may be overhauling your social media use, your friends and family may not, so it’s important to make sure you stay connected with them. Where it’s not possible to see your loved ones in real life, make sure you schedule a phone call. You don’t need social media to stay updated on their life – and you’ll probably leave the call much more fulfilled than just looking at their Instagram story. Better yet, take the time to write them a letter which will not only be a lovely surprise, but a keepsake.”

  • Keep your mind occupied with mindfulness before bedtime

“It’s so easy to sit in bed and lose hours watching the latest Tiktok trends before we actually go to sleep, but the last hour before bed is key to step away from all of your devices. While your phone is away, this is a great time to reflect with some meditation or a gentle form of exercise, such as yoga, to calm the mind and release any tension from the day, which will also help with a restful night’s sleep.”

  • If you’re used to having something to hand, keep them busy

“We mostly pick up our phone because we’re bored and resort to refreshing our social media pages to pass the time, so keep your hands occupied! Journaling has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and is as simple as picking up a pen and writing whatever comes to mind. It will help you process your thoughts and experiences of the day and give you a medium to articulate and understand your feelings.”

  • Turn your notifications off 

“If you’re struggling to remember when to turn off, try setting a time limit to the apps on your phone. Handy features like ‘screen time’ will give you the option to set app limits to certain – or all – of your apps, so you’ll know when it’s time to give the scrolling a rest. Turning off notifications from socials altogether is another easy way to stop getting distracted and unnecessarily picking up your phone.” 

  • Spend your time online wisely

“If limiting the amount of time you spend on social media is proving a bit of a struggle, then make sure what you are consuming is worthwhile. Go through your following list and take some time to evaluate which accounts have a positive impact on your life, and which aren’t so fulfilling. Unfollow any account that won’t benefit your mental health and fill your feed with what brings you joy – no matter what that may be.” 


Facebook Advertising After iOS14.3: How-To Get Ready For Apple’s Shake Up On Privacy

The marketing world is abuzz with Apple’s iOS 14.3 update and the impacts it will have on digital marketing, and especially Facebook Advertising. If you’re out of the loop – allow us to give you the lowdown, and what you can do to get ready. 

Essentially, Apple is rolling out an update to its iOS14 (the latest operating system for iPhones and iPads) that will allow users to control how they share their data, as well as who they share their data with.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc. will have to ask users for permission to track data on them, and Apple users will have the option of opting-out of sharing data – that will look a little like this “Pal About” example shown.

Facebook has come out, guns blazing, opposing what they dub as disruptive changes, which makes sense, as it will directly limit their ability to receive and process conversion events for users who have opted out. 

While we don’t know how many users will opt-out, Facebook has advised that they will be adapting their Ads Manager platform to align with these regulations regardless – meaning that as marketers we will lose some functionality even if a user opts-in, or is an Android user, for example. 

So what exactly does this mean? Less data and visibility for marketers, and less personalised ads and experiences for users. 


To make it clear about what’s to come, we wanted to break down some of these key changes below:


Pixel Conversion Events Capped At 8 Per Domain – Verify Your Domain Now!

The Facebook Pixel, a crucial element of tracking your Facebook Ads performance, will now be capped at 8 events per domain. While previously you could essentially create unlimited pixel events and custom conversions, you’ll now have to cull these down to just 8 per domain. 

Another added element to this is how Apple classifies a domain. For multi-national brands with subdomains, only sites with .uk, .us, etc will be classified as separate domains. For brands that opt for /uk /us websites structures, this will be classified as ONE domain – limiting your pixel events even further.

The impact here will be felt on reporting on full-funnel activity, and we’ll likely see under-reported conversions on the events that don’t make the cut. This doesn’t mean they aren’t happening, but under-reporting can affect how we measure the success of campaign activity and allocate budget across the funnel.

We recommend jumping on and verifying your domain ASAP via Facebook Business Manager to prepare yourself for the change. Check out this Guide to Domain Verification for instructions on how to do this. After that, it’s important that brands rank their 8 events in order of importance to the business.


No Reporting Breakdowns, Attribution Windows Reduced To 7-Day-Click, 1-Day-View

With the reduction in data collected from users, we will no longer access reporting breakdowns of key demographic info, such as performance by age, gender and placement. This will limit marketers ability to utilise these insights to scale what’s working and optimise what’s not. 

Another key change being implemented is to Facebook’s attribution windows. Currently, the default in Facebook is to report on 28-Day-Click, 1-Day-View – which means marketers have visibility on any action a user takes 28 days after clicking an ad, or 1 day after viewing an ad. This will be moving to just 7-day-click, 1-day-view, meaning that window for attribution will be decreased significantly.

With the attribution window change, expect overall conversions (and revenue, for eCommerce brands) to drop when this rolls out, as Facebook will no longer have visibility on any action after that timeframe. We recommend brands to shift their focus to reporting holistically, using a combination of Facebook Ads as well as tools like Google Analytics as their source of truth.


Audience Lists Decrease, Impacting Prospecting & Remarketing Efforts

The final, and potentially biggest blow, will be on Facebook’s targeting capabilities. Any user that opts out will not go into a Custom Audience or Lookalike audience list, which will reduce the reach and efficacy of these audiences and campaigns. This will also impact the accuracy of Lookalike audiences – bread and butter for any good advertiser – as Facebook cannot build a profile on these users, and thus can’t find more like them.

Dynamic Remarketing will also take a hit, as opted-out users will not be able to be dynamically retargeted with the products they’ve interacted with. As personalisation is the key in digital marketing, this could negatively impact bottom-of-funnel conversions.

Instead, marketers may shift back to broader targeting, and there may be more of a focus creating highly engaged creative that can be split tested to resonate with a wider audience to provide similar cut through without a highly targeted audience. 


A Look To The Future – Will In-App Interactions & 1P Data Be The Key?

If you’re still with me, you might be spiralling a bit with all of these disruptive changes to come into play! But deep breath – it might not be all doom and gloom. As you can see below, Facebook iOS users in the UK equate to 11 million (roughly 25% of all users). And – we can only speculate on how many of these consumers will actually opt-out. However, it definitely marks a bit of a turning point with Paid Advertising and will certainly flip some marketers best practice’s on their head. 

As all of these changes impact what happens to users data post-click, we may see a shift to optimising for more in-app interactions. With the launch of Facebook Shop, eCommerce brands may be able to mitigate this loss of data altogether, by keeping the user in the app instead of driving them to their website to purchase. For non eCom brands, we may rely more heavily on retargeting to social engagers/video-viewers/followers – again, all data we can gather from in-app interactions. 

Additionally, this pushes the news for all brands to have an effective 1P data collection strategy in place. If we can’t rely on pixel events to remarket to users, how can we collect user data at an earlier stage in the funnel? The key here is for brands to offer a value exchange – what benefits or value can you provide to a user to offer this willingly? And most important – how is your business set up to effectively nurture these customer journeys across different platforms such as Email Marketing?

One thing is for sure – a focus on protecting user’s data isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Brands and marketers alike need to be agile and future-proof their marketing activity to help weather the changes to come. 


If you’d like to know more about how PFM can help you mitigate the issues cause by this rollout, get in touch with the team today.