If you have a social media account, it’s likely that you will have interacted with a brand on one of the platforms in some way, whether it was
by simply looking at some aspirational travel photos or even tweeting a food brand to give them some honest feedback.

Some brands, however, hold far more power and influence than others, with millions of followers across their social channels. So, are you following any of the
top brands on social media? Take a look at our list of the most influential brands to find out who takes the top spot.

Most influential brand

National Geographic

Most influential


Most influential brand on


Most influential brand on


Most influential brand on

National Geographic

Most influential brand on

National Geographic

the 2019 social Influence Index


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We used a variety of sources of the most followed brands and the biggest brands for each sector, inspiring our final list of brands.

We then looked at the social accounts for each of these brands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Many of these brands have more than one social media account for different countries or branches of their brand. In these cases, we have chosen the account which best represents a ‘main account’, to the best of our knowledge.