Luxury UK jeweller

A high-end jeweller specialising in diamond engagement rings and luxury watches.

The Brief

They approached us to help them develop highly targeted Facebook ads which would attract new visitors to their website and to their stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow. While they didn’t expect to make sales directly from Facebook ads, their aim was to increase traffic and book appointments.

Our approach

We focused on existing data, client avatars and the customer journey in order to create highly targeted Facebook ads that generated website traffic and encouraged users to book an appointment when looking for an engagement ring. We also looked at their weekly content and worked with them to create engaging content themes and add more variety to both their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

The Results

Results for Facebook ads management:

  • Campaign reached over 150K people within their target demographic
  • Resulting in over 750K impressions for the period
  • Our advert generated over 7,500 link clicks
  • All for a total ad spend of 12% of revenue
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