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Top 5 Instagram Updates You Should Know

25 Oct Top 5 Instagram Updates You Should Know


Here are a few tips from us at PFM about Instagram’s newest features and how you can use them to make your content on Insta better:


Instagram adds Polls feature to Stories 


In the latest mobile APP update, Instagram stories now includes a polling feature that allows users to vote on any subject. This new interactive tool is great for businesses who want to engage, entertain, survey their social media audience, get feedback on new products and gain deep customer understanding. It allows brands to ask questions and receive answers in real time and is a valuable feature that should be incorporated as part of a social media strategy.


 Here’s how to create one:



After you add a photo or video in Stories, tap the square sticker icon at the top to open the stickers menu. Then, select “POLL”. People can then vote by tapping on the stickers for your poll: It’s that simple.

You can see the votes tally as they come in. Votes in Instagram polls are not anonymous however, the creator of the poll can view how users voted and poll results are only available for 24 hours like stories.


Instagram Stories for Desktop 


Until now, Instagram Stories – has strictly been a mobile-only feature but with Instagram’s latest update users will now be able to post and view stories via their desktop. The update is expected to roll out globally over the coming months so keep an eye out for it.

“Stories has quickly become an important part of the Instagram experience – over 250 million people use it every day to see what their friends are doing in the moment,” said Instagram. “Now we’re excited to bring stories to people who use Instagram on the web.



For those who are unable to download or keep the Instagram app on their phone, this is a great opportunity for them to stay up to date with friends and the latest Instagram trends. It also allows businesses to expand the potential reach of their stories. A win, win for all.


Instagram Galleries 


Instagram now lets you share landscape and portrait pics and videos in galleries, giving more flexibility and creative ability in terms of content we can share. Just choose the pictures or videos you want to include, and they’ll retain the aspect ratio you set when posted.



This allows you to post a number of pictures for people to access without having to spam your followers with lots of content that they might not want to see. It also gives you the ability to post videos that are longer than the 60 seconds that Instagram currently allows you. By cutting a 3 minute video into 3 60 second long clips, you can create a a gallery that forms a 3 minute video where the user simply swipes to see the next section of the video.


Monitor Instagram Engagement on Facebook


With a single inbox for all three channels, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, you can easily monitor and manage communications across all three and respond to Instagram posts through Facebook. This is especially helpful if you have a team of people managing your social media, the new inbox helps streamline account access and increases efficiency by allowing users to respond to all enquiries within a single app.

Account managers will be able to quickly scan all three channels for new updates and feel confident that they aren’t missing important messages. Once you’re Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected, you’ll see all of your Instagram comment notifications in your Facebook Inbox.



Threaded Comments


Similar to Facebook you can now easily view multiple conversations on the same post. When users hit “reply” on a comment, the comment now appears in different threads under a single post making it easier to have friendly, fluid conversations with people and follow other conversations.

While this doesn’t seem that big of a deal, any time it’s easier and more pleasant for followers to talk directly to you the better their relationship is with you, which gives them a positive impression of your brand.

The threaded comments come with Instagram version 24 and above, so make sure you’re running the most updated version of the app.



Threaded comments make it easier to facilitate actual conversations on the platform, Instagram galleries give us more creative license, Instagram polls make it easier for brands to engage with followers, more desktop features increase audience reach and the ability to monitor Instagram through Facebook makes our lives a little easier. We can’t wait to see what other new features Instagram rolls out over the coming months.


Not all of the Tips may apply to you or your company but by utilising even one of these will improve the way you utilise Instagram. With Instagram being such a popular platform, it is vital for you to be using it to the fullest extent to maximise both the quality and the reach of your content. If you would like to learn more about the wonderful world of social then drop us an email and we can talk further.


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